• How ‘cracking the code’ of a secret belief system is boosting sales

  • How ‘cracking the code’ of a secret belief system is boosting sales

“Much thought and attention is given to the techniques of the successful salesperson. But what about the belief systems?”

ask Ben Laker and Mark Ridley, Partners at Transform Performance International.

What are the attitudes and views that underpin consistently high achievement in sales, and how can anyone in sales use this knowledge to help their business grow?

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Business Reporter

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August 2017


“Sales is now an integral part of every role, making this an essential read for all business professionals. The authors of The Salesperson’s Secret Code combine hard data with intelligent insight to show, with verve and skill, how the world’s best salespeople continue to thrive in uncertain times and how others can learn from their success."

Daniel Pink, author of Drive and To Sell is Human


“This is a practical manual for anyone who wants to be better at selling. It is full of useful tips and wise advice from experts who really understand their craft. If you want to close more deals, then this is the book to help you win.”

Luke Johnson, Chairman of Risk Capital Partners, former Chairman of Channel 4 Television, and The Sunday Times columnist

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